Mumpowe – Eddy Kenzo

My late mum was a big fun of Kadongo kamu(Uganda’s Country Music) and for the little time I spent with her, she bought every tape that got released.

On the streets of masaka, kadongo kamu music was always played regularly so we grew up as fans/Lovers of this country music.

Kadongo kamu is very a cultural, informative and fun genre, but it beats my understanding why we no-longer get plenty of this music anymore Has the world changed so much, have we forgotten our culture, has modernity swallowed culture what really went wrong?

Kadongo kamu Carries and give us an opportunity to know our roots and how to live life, it Carries alot of good message and it reminds us of our culture because we can embrace modernity but our culture represents who we really are. I wanna encourage all kadongo kamu artists and lovers, not to stop giving us the original kadongo kamu music, messages, instrumentation so that we keep our culture alive and strong.

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