Nvawo Nawe – Grace Nakimera (2009)

About Artist: Grace Nakimera Released: 2009 Album: Nvawo Nawe (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)

Ntandika – Grace Nakimera (2006)

About Artist: Grace Nakimera Album: Ntandika Released: 2006 (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)

Nkwagala Kufa – Grace Nakimera (2011)

About Album: Nkwagala Kufa Released: 2011 Artist: Grace Nakimera (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)

Nalo – Grace Nakimera (2013)

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Mpola Mpola – Grace Nakimera (2012)

About Artist: Grace Nakimera Released: 2012 Album: Mpola Mpola (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)

Kyolya Kyoli – Grace Nakimera (2016)

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Sweet Kid Audio Playlist

Many people know him as the singer with a lady like voice. He came to prominence with his track Mama Brenda. In 2004 he won a Pearl of Africa Music Award under the category of new upcoming musician. This makes him the youngest musician in the Ugandan Music Industry to win a national music award […]

Jovan Luzinda Audio Playlist

Born and bred in Lugazi, to Salongo Samuel Luzinda and Eva Nantongo, Jovan Luzinda is the third born in the family of five siblings. Having endured the early years at his place of birth in Lugazi, he shifted base to Makindye, a surburb of the capital city, Kampala, famous for breeding great hitherto unknown music […]

Nutty Neithan Audio Playlist

Biography Nutty Neithan was born on may 5th.he never knew he would be a singer coz most of his friends knew him as a dancer mostly. But still music was in him coz since 1997 he used to follow it up. And in 2005,he was in a high school group called NAMS, well it had […]

AK 47 Audio Playlist

BIOGRAPHY AK 47, Akay 47, birth name Emmanuel Mayanja (October 29, 1990 – March 16, 2015) was a Ugandan Dancehall artist, he rose to fame in 2012 with his song “Champion”. He is said to be one of the best dancehall musicians Uganda has ever had. He died on 16 March 2015 in a mysterious death. Early life […]

Betina Namukasa Audio Playlist

Betina Namukasa best know for her endless trending hit Emikisa gyabakazi was born in 1990 with parents Mr Damulira Joe and Ms Nassington Jane. Betina is single and a born of Masaaki Bugonzi who joined music in 2013,did a few trials with different unserious groups and later joined Da New Eagles where she has been […]

Desire Luzinda Audio Playlist

Desire Luzinda Audio Playlist Desire Luzinda is a Ugandan US California based recording, performing artiste, philanthropist and founder, Desire Luzinda Foundation International (DLFI) established on June 5, 2021. With influences from songbirds Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, Desire Luzinda is an inspiring icon in the society today. Luzinda sings in Luganda, English, and Swahili. Desire […]

Carol Nantongo Audio Playlist

Carol Nantongo is a Ugandan female music artist and teacher who is very passionate about music and also she is one of the fastest rising music artists in Uganda. Carol Nantogo was born in the Central region of Uganda to Mr. Mugerwa John who is her father and Rose Namagembe who is her mother. (Visited 2 […]

Chosen Becky Audio Playlist

Rebecca Kukiriza, commonly known as Chosen Becky, is a Ugandan singer, musician and songwriter. Chosen Becky was discovered by Joseph Kiwangwa after she impressed him at a singing competition in Masaka, Uganda. Becky started her music career in 2017 coming up with Bankuuza as her first song. Becky was born in Masaka the Central Region of Uganda. She attended several educational institutions, including […]

Naira Ali Audio Playlist

Biography Nabattu Naira Ali was born  to Mr. Ssesanga Ali and Mrs. Ssesanga Hawa. They say charity is commenced at home, Naira Ali’s family musical background can clearly show where her talent was born, her father was a music DJ with a night club in masindi district “Chicago boys” back in the days. And her […]

Namakula Mary Bata Audio Playlist

Namakula Mary Bata, born 22 December 1993, commonly known as Mary Bata, is a Ugandan female songwriter, artist. Bata studied from Kabata Primary School, Maky College Secondary School Nateete and went to YMCA where she studied and was awarded a diploma in Cosmetology & Designing in 2013. Bata started as a singer in a church choir […]

Coopy Bly Audio Playlist

Biography Coopy Bly was born Emmanuel Edwin Kusaasira on December 5, 1989 to Patrick and Justine Buyinza. Together with his sister, the two of them were raised by their parents in a Christian family setting in Makindye, on the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda. Coopy Bly’s musical talent was first exposed when he led campfire songs […]

TomDee Audio Playlist

  Tom Dee is a Uganda tik toker and Internet personality. He gained popularity on Tik tok as a comedian making videos which included comic videos about Ugandan celebrities and performing various platform challenges including dance videos and comedic videos. (Visited 4 times, 1 visits today)

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