Lady Mariam Audio Playlist

Lady Mariam popularly known as tindatine is a Ugandan artist born and raised in Mbarara. Listen to music from Ugandan artist Lady Mariam. Listen to songs like Nakupenda, Ayayaya, Nshagala, Tugyigeite, Guma Nanye, Super Honey, Kaleke, Gwe Wange

Afrigo Band Audio Playlist

The Afrigo Band is a musical band in Uganda. It is the longest-lasting musical group in the history of Uganda, having existed for 44 years by August 2019 . The band was formed by a group of eight musicians led by their band leader, vocalist, and alto saxophonist, Moses Matovu,who continued to lead the band on its 38th anniversary.Playing to […]

Willy Mukabya Audio Playlist

Mukabya started his singing career in the 1980s when he founded his own group called Talanta African Singers which is still going strong. He became a household name in the late 1980s when he released Kayanda 1 & 2 about a houseboy (Kayanda) who elopes with his boss’s wife.   Willy Mukabya is a Legendary Ugandan […]

Madilu System Audio Playlist

Jean de Dieu Makiese (28 May 1952 – 11 August 2007), popularly known as Madilu System, was a Congolese rumba singer and songwriter, born in what was then Léopoldville, Belgian Congo. He was once a member of the seminal band TPOK Jazz which dominated the Congolese scene from 1960s through 1980s. Beginning as a teenager in 1969, Madilu sang with a series of […]
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