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Catherine Kusasira is a Ugandan female band musician and one of a founding member of Golden Band Production, a businesswoman, a mother and a wife.

Kusasira is one of the leading band female musicians in the industry and a very busy woman with her career and her latest Presidential advisor for Kampala job appointed by the President of the Republic of Uganda.

Early Life and Education

Catherine Kusasira was born to Wilberforce and Deborah Luwandagga and she has three siblings. Kusasira attended Dynamic SS and then later joined St. Balikuddembe SS Mitala Maria.

Kusasira’s music career

Catherine Kusasira was inspired into music by Sam and Sophie Gombya and Herbert Kyewalyanga who were school music trainers.

At the time, Kusasira was asked to mime a song called ”Mumpe Ebyange” and Mariam Ndagire’s Bamugamba which Kusasira says she did marvellously and thus she began her career.

Kusasira began singing with Josam’s Band of Sam Gombya and Joseph Mulinde in 1999 while still in S.3 at Dynamic SS.

Kusasira says she does not regret joining the entertainment industry because she has gained fame, friends and family. The mother of two said none of her three siblings has tried singing although their parents Wilberforce and Deborah Luwandagga were regular in Nansana Church choir.

However, in 2014 Eagle Production faced a storm which caused its split. The agreement was reached after the band members had a meeting that took place on Tuesday, March 10, 2014, at Calendar House in Makindye a Kampala suburb.

When Eagles Production split, Kusasira attacked Geoffrey Lutaaya calling him a man of double standards. However, two years later after the split, Kusasira apologized to her former boss, Geoffrey Lutaaya.

Kusasira made the apology when Lutaaya wowed his fans with his new Album ‘Muli Luno’ at Club Obbligato along Bombo Road.

“Let me take this opportunity and apologize to my boss Geoffrey Lutaaya, Sincerely I wouldn’t be what I am today if it wasn’t him,” Kusasira said while kneeling before Lutaaya on stage.


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Part of Me – Catherine Kusasira (2018)

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Nalalira – Catherine Kusasira (2013)

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Sonyiwa Bano – Catherine Kusasira (2014)

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