I, Love – Jennifer Lopez (2005)


Album: Rebirth
Released: 2005


Boy, I love you so
You and I have been aroundEach other for quite a whileBut I don’t think that youUnderstand the way that I feel for you
Baby, it took a while for me (yeah, yeah)To realize that you were so naiveWell maybe you were blind and cannot seeThe feelings I have for you, you don’t understandThe things that I’ve gone throughTo paint a perfect picture just for you (picture for you)I’ve even told your friends, but that won’t doWell baby, you have to know, I can’t wait no more
ILove you more than you will ever knowLoveI’ve been trying so hard to show youILove you like a queen would love her kingLoveBaby, I’ve been trying to show you
Look at me, try to understandThat I am here for youAnd whatever you’re going throughNo matter what you ask me to do I will do
See baby, I’m trying to make you see (trying to make you see)This is not pretend or make believeI wanna be the woman that you needJust let me get close to you, take me in your heartEvery day I want you more and more (want you more and more)Never in my life was I so sureThese feelings I have I can’t ignoreSo baby just let me knowAll I’m trying to say is
ILove you more than I can love myselfLoveI would die before I hurt youILove you like a woman loves a manLoveWhen there’s no one else to live for
Baby, for so long I’ve always tried to showYou just how much I care for youBoy, you had to knowThat I could never let you goI’ll spend the rest of my lifeTrying to make you understand that
ILove you when there’s no more love to giveLoveBaby, I will always want youILove you when you’re up against it allLoveI’ll be by your side forever
II love you, baby, love you, babyLoveLove you, baby, love you, baby
ILove you, baby, love you, babyLoveI love you, baby, love you, baby
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