Jose Chameleone receives a German Shepherd puppy as a gift from Spice Diana.

Jose Chameleone and Spice Diana‘s friendship continue to grow after spice diana gifted the latter with a German Shepherd puppy.

In keeping with her recent trend, Spice Diana invited a few artists to her estate on Tuesday.

One of them was José Chameleone, a singer from Leone Island, with whom she had developed a close acquaintance over the years.

Spice is seen giving a small dog to jose in a video that discovered. Chameleone can’t help but smile in gratitude.

The Gwanga mujje hit maker joyfully exclaims, “It’s a German Shepherd,” before Spice Diana reveals that she has gifted a few dogs to her other friends.
The singer for Source Management stresses that she had owned a few dogs but eventually decided to give them away. She did, however, decide to keep one to present to Chameleone after his spectacular Gwanga Mujje event.
They numbered eight, so we distributed some but saved this one for the doctor. It’s lovely and incredibly healthy,” Spice claims.


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