“Wakayima” directly translates to “Mr.Hare” in the Luganda dialect from Uganda, East Africa. The song follows the childhood folk story of “Mr.Hare” and The Lion. In the story the Lion is a big strong bully in Jungle, and decides he doesn’t want to waste energy hunting each day. He brings the whole animal village together and makes a rule/schedule that each day, the animal whose turn it is must give them self up to the Lion as his meal. He is big, powerful and scary so none of the animals object. When it is Mr Hares turn tomorrow, he cannot sleep.

He stays up all night until he comes up with a plan. In the morning, the Lion is impatiently waiting for Mr Hare but he is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly Mr Hare comes running towards the Lion puffing and panting. The Lion is furious – demanding to know why Mr Hare has kept him waiting. Mr Hare quickly explains that there is another Lion in the jungle who had tried to eat him! The Lion is furious – who dares to challenge him! He follows Mr Hare to the river where the rival was seen.

He looks directly into the water of the river, sees a Lion staring back at him, he Roars, the lion roars back in unison. He then pounces forward to attack, only to realise the other lion was his own reflection. He drowns in the river. The whole village celebrates! Mr Hare has defeated the bully! The moral of the story is that wisdom is more important than strength and power. In the final verse Coopy Bly explains the moral of the story and relates it to the bible story of David and Goliath. Where the small boy (David) defeats the big powerful giant bully (Goliath). ‘The fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom.’

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