Maurice Kirya – Kulunaku Olwo

“Kulunaku Olwo” translates to ”On That Day”

Apart from the writer/singer himself, no one else knows what the song means, It was written and performed in a way that was meant to evoke the truest emotions of the listener. It is safe to say, whatever you feel when you listen to this song, is what this song is for. So, what do you feel when you listen to this song?

Video Directed by Tristan Shema

Dancer & Choreographer: Alex Sebaggala Shot in Rwanda

Music Composition by Maurice Kirya Produced by Samuel Bisaso


  • Cello: Raj Gangadia
  • Cello: Justus Archangel
  • Violin: Alexand Ninsiima
  • Mixing Engineer: Samuel Bisaso

‘Kulunaku Olwo” Off the album ”Beyond Myself”

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