Stecia Mayanja Video Playlist

Stecia Mayanja alias Faridah is a Ugandan actress, musician and artist attached to the Golden band. Stecia Mayanja sings in Luganda and English. She was in Eagles Production Band before it became Golden Band, later on she parted ways with the Golden Band.


She has songs like Equalizer, Game Over and Kawompo and , she is pursuing a solo music career. Stecia Mayanja is an actress who featured in The Honourables (2017) and also performs in Stecia and the House Girl.

Personal life

Stecia Mayanja was legally married to Abbas Mubiru who is working in Dubai. However, she was later in intimate relationship with her new manager at Golden band called Bashir Bogere. Unfortunately, she got issues with the band directors who showed less interest to her works for some good time.


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Alintwala – Stecia Mayanja (2016)

About Artist: Stecia Mayanja Release date: 2016

Equalizer – Stecia Mayanja (2012)

About Album: Wafuuka Mulamuzi Released: 2013 Artist: Stecia Mayanja

Game Over – Stecia Mayanja (2015)

About Album: Figure Artist: Stecia Mayanja Released: 2015

Abakyala Mataali – Stecia Mayanja (2022)

About Artist: Stecia Mayanja Released: 2022 Album: Abakyala Mataali