Young Forever – Jay-Z, Mr. Hudson Ft. Beyoncé (2009)

About Artists: Jay-Z, Mr Hudson Featured artist: Beyoncé Album: The Blueprint 3 Released: 2009 Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap Lyrics Can I get some light in here?Cellphones in the air Let’s dance in styleLet’s dance for a whileHeaven can wait we’re only watching the skiesHoping for the best but expecting the worstAre you gonna drop the bomb or not?Let us die young or let […]

You Changed – Kelly Rowland, Beyoncé & Michelle Williams (2013)

About Artist: Kelly Rowland Featured artists: Beyoncé, Michelle Williams Album: Talk a Good Game Released: 2013 Genre: R&B/Soul Lyrics I really hate to see that look on your faceYou’re looking like someone came and rained on your paradeAnd I know, it kills to feel those tears in your eyesBut I guess your conscience finally caught up with your liesBut when my […]

Yes – Beyoncé (2003)

About Artist: Beyoncé Album: Dangerously in Love Released: 2003 Lyrics Uh-huhUh-huhUh-huhUh-huhUh-huhUh-huh I said yes to your numberAnd yes to you dating meYes, we can be togetherBut you gotta wait for meThe first time I say noIt’s like I never said yes(It’s like I never said yes) I said, yes, we can be togetherYes, you can stay with meBut […]

XO – Beyoncé (2013)

About Artist: Beyoncé Album: Beyoncé Released: 2013 Genre: R&B/Soul Nominations: World Music Award for World’s Best Song, World Music Award for World’s Best Video Lyrics Your love is bright as everEven in the shadowsBaby kiss meBefore they turn the lights outYour heart is glowingAnd I’m crashing into youBaby kiss meBefore they turn the lights outBefore they turn the lights outBaby love […]

World Wide Woman – Beyoncé (2006)

About Artist: Beyoncé Album: B’Day Released: 2006 Genre: R&B/Soul Lyrics I’m a world wide woman, WWWYou can log on anywhere, your girl can take you thereWorld wide woman, WWWYou know I’m the type of girlI’m a world wide woman, WWWYou can log on anywhere, your girl can take you thereWorld wide woman, WWWYou know I’m the type of girl […]

Work It Out – Beyoncé (2002)

About Artist: Beyoncé Genres: R&B/Soul, Pop, UK R&B Nominations: Grammy Award for Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical, MORE Lyrics How ya doin’, honey, babyYou know I don’t ask for much butFor a girl spendin’ time aloneCan be pretty roughBut I get a knock on my doorYou know it’s yours for sureWe can’t wait for the bedroom soWe just hit the […]

Wishing on a Star – Beyoncé (2004)

About Artist: Beyoncé Album: Live at Wembley Released: 2004 Nominations: Grammy Award for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance Lyrics Oooh Oooooh (Adlibs)Oooh OoohOn A star And I’m wishing on a starTo follow where you areI’m wishing on a dreamTo follow what it meansAnd I wish on all the rainbows that I seeI wish on all the people who really […]

Why Don’t You Love Me (MK Ultra club) – Beyoncé (2008)

About Artist: Beyoncé Album: I Am… Sasha Fierce Released: 2008 Nominations: NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Music Video, MuchMusic Video Award for Best Watched Video Genres: R&B/Soul, Pop, UK R&B Lyrics N-n-now, honeyYou better sit down and look around‘Cause you must’ve bumped yo’ headAnd I love you enough to talk some sense back into you, baby I’d hate to see you […]

What’s It Gonna Be – Beyoncé (2003)

About Artist: Beyoncé Album: Dangerously in Love Released: 2003 Genres: R&B/Soul, Pop, UK R&B Lyrics Hey, you, what’s the deal?It’s popping up in hereWanna have a good time, just tryna chillWhen I happened to notice how you’re staring at meOoh, baby, you’re so fineYou deserve my time, with your sexy eyes you’re qualifiedSo, boy, why don’t ya, baby, why […]

Welcome To Hollywood – Beyoncé Ft. Jay-Z (2006)

About Artist: Beyoncé Featured artist: Jay-Z Album: B’Day Released: 2006 Genre: R&B/Soul Lyrics IT AIN’T FOR EVERYBODY!(Uhhhh) Welcome to Hollywood baby(Take a picture) Uh huhYou coming with? (Let’s not even talk about it)Let’s do it (Let’s Go!) I see your jealousy as you watchingYou watchingIt’s kinda sexy to me how you watchingYou watching I see your face (I see your […]

We Will Rock You – Britney Spears Ft. Beyoncé, P!nk (2004)

About Artist: Britney Spears Featured artists: Beyoncé, P!nk Album: Pepsi Music 2004 – Dare For More – Beyoncé Exclusive Released: 2004 Lyrics … We will, we will rock you … We will, we will rock you (Britney: oooh) … Buddy you’re a boy make a big noisePlayin’ in the street gonna be a big man some dayYou got mud on your faceYou big […]

WATER – Beyoncé, Pharrell Williams & Salatiel (2019)

About Artists: Pharrell Williams, Salatiel, Beyoncé Movie: The Lion King Released: 2019 Lyrics YeahShoot! Baby, oh, I’m not much of a talkerBaby, oh, can I drink from your water?Baby, oh, meet me down by the riverWe can dance to the rhythm‘Til the sun is high and the water runs dry Yes, we can make it farDon’t need inflatablesThat’s what the […]