Reggae Music Video Playlist

Reggae is a musical genre developed by Jamaicans of African ancestry in the late 1960s. Reggae bands incorporate musical idioms from many different genres, including mento (a Jamaican folk genre), ska, rocksteady, calypso, and American soul music and rhythm and blues. The genre is known for its propulsive percussion, hypnotic bass lines, and steady, up-stroke rhythm guitar (called the “skank beat”), which has helped it cut through as a dance music genre. Most reggae songs feature lyrics in Jamaican English, Jamaican Patois, or Iyaric dialects.

As a signature form of Jamaican music, reggae is closely tied to the Rastafarian religion and social movement that traces its roots to 1930s Jamaica. To this day, many reggae musicians practice Rastafarianism. Reggae artists often sing of Rastafari spiritual themes or social justice, which aligns the genre with other popular music that arose in the late 1960s, such as American folk rock. Reggae’s socially-conscious lyrics have gone on to inspire other musical styles such as hip hop.

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Marijuana – Dj Shiru X Bruno K (2023)

Marijuana is a Reggae song by Dj Shiru X Bruno K, audio by Big Nash, Video by directed by Benson Pro, released 2023.

One For The Road – Bruno K (2022)

One For The Road is a Reggae song by Bruno K, Audio by Sound Solo / Capital Ken, Video by Virtual Media Production, Directed by Zyga Phix, Released 2022.

Ebisaanyi Remix – Bruno K & Kabuye Semboga (2022)

Ebisaanyi Remix is a Reggae song by Bruno K & Kabuye Semboga, Audio by Ali Arkhis, Video by Zyga Phix, Released 2022.

Lwaaki Akaaba – Vampino (2012)

Lwaaki Akaaba is a Reggae song by Vampino, Audio by Buzz Audio / Capital Ken, Video director Game Concepts, Released 2012.


Nkulembera Mukama which means Lead and Guide me Lord. Was written by Coopy Bly Produced by Nesim from Badi Studios and the Video shot in Vietnam by Lumi Grade and edited by Chris Debar.

WEBALE – Coopy Bly (2013)

WEBALE is a Reggae gospel song by Coopy Bly, Video by BigTune Videos, Audio by Producer Jonny, Released 2013

Bridges – Shaggy Ft. Chronixx (2015)

Bridges  Is a Reggae song by Shaggy Ft. Chronixx, released 2015

If you slip, you slide (You Could Be Mine) – Shaggy Ft. Melissa Musique (2014)

Out Of Many One Music, produced by the dynamic Jamaican drum and bass duo Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare and Sting. The single titled, ‘If U Slip U Slide (You Could Be Mine)’ features beautiful songstress Melissa Musique. Together both Shaggy and Melissa exemplify their feelings for each other while coming to realization that they […]

You Girl – Shaggy Ft. Ne-Yo (2013)

You Girl is a Reggae song by Shaggy Ft. Ne-Yo, Released 2013 Producer – Sly & Robbie, Sting International Written-By – L. C. Dunbar*, R. Shakespeare*, S. Pizzonia*, S. Marsden*  

Fight This Feeling – Shaggy Ft. Beres Hammond (2013)

Fight This Feeling is a Reggae song by Shaggy Ft. Beres Hammond, released 2013, Producer – Sly & Robbie, Sting International Written-By – A. Fennell*, H. B. Hammond*, L. C. Dunbar*, O. Burrell*, R. Shakespeare*, S. Pizzonia*, S. Marsden*

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Shaggy Ft Eve (2012)

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” is a song by reggae musician Shaggy, featuring American rapper Eve. The song was released as the official lead, and second overall single, from Shaggy’s eleventh studio album, Rise. The song samples “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper. The single was released in Germany and throughout Europe on 24 August 2012. The accompanying music […]

Sugarcane – Shaggy (2011)

Sugarcane is a Reggae song by Shaggy, Video by Jay Will, released 2011