WAKANDA – Rickman x DT Timo (prod.Llama & Artin pro ) (2018)

Wakanda is a story of an ironic conversation i had with my best friend and Manager who had not seen the movie by that time and he argued that Wakanda was a person and it was a female. i tried to convince him more but it went far when he even told me that wakanda was a Ugandan and she migrated long time ago with the Bantu ethnic group in Africa and settled in uganda in katanga a kampala surbub but she came from masaka another town in Uganda. produced by Llama Rami Sadawi written and sang by Rickman and idea and story combined with DT Timo. This is our story of Wakanda the Ugandan girl. Its a story its a movie its jazz its music its art its Llama its Artin its Anton Midtöy .

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