If Looks Could Kill – Beyoncé Ft. Mos Def (2001)


Artist: Beyoncé
Featured artist: Mos Def
Released: 2001


Sweetness flowing like a faucet, body bangin’ no corsetBrother’s wanna toss it but they lost cause my game ain’t no forfeitSlicker than a porpoise and thicker than a horse’sCarmen Brown got the whole town speechlessI stick to my thesis, I stick to my featuresBrother’s try to hold but they game never reachesAnd most of these cats are like the middle of peachesI see you lookin’ at but what you lookin’ atYou want a bomb, wanna twist me like a bottle cap[Mos Def:]I’m tryin’ to holler miss to see if you gon’ holler back[Beyonce:]Your game is wack and no you will not get your quarter backSee this is Carmen, curves like a quota sackSkin coffee and cream, your donuts, you ain’t dunkin’ that[Mos Def:]But this is Milla, Lieutenant if you’re wonderin’[Sam Sarpong:]And I’m Natheniel, (Mos Def) Mel Gibson (Sam) Danny Gloverin’[Beyonce:]I knew not he you might as well be mumblin’See I have dreams of the man what would become of himThere’s not a kid out here who can make me believeI should postpone my goals, he got tricks up his sleeveWhole bar full of cups and you ain’t lockin’ me down[Mos Def:]I got a warrant for ya heart and bear for the trial[Sam:]Get a pardon if ya come with the sargeant now[Beyonce:]Give me a chair cause I don’t care I ain’t feelin’ your style[Hook: x2]Yo, I’m tryin’ to get with you shorty(But I’m not feelin’ you)But I’m an officer shorty(My looks are killin’ you)Murder one will get you under the covers(Game talk or manslaughter I ain’t feelin’ you brothers)[Beyonce:]Eyes like the ocean[Mos Def:]Ma I got some lotionHold ya thighs, raise em’ high and daddy long stroke em’[Beyonce:]Hair like forever[Sam:]I swear I could do it betterTake the gun out my holster, I still rock a beretta[Beyonce:]You brothers sweat Carmen like Patrick EwingBut that kid[Mos Def:]Don’t waste ya time he ain’t worth doin’He just a sargeant, passin’ out tickets for parking[Sam:]Chickenheads cluckin’[Beyonce:]Pitiful fools barkin’See this is Carmen, voice sweet as MarvinI turn out lights with the switch when I’m walkin’Girls steady jealous cause they man always hawkin’Even got Lou lookin’ at me like he stalkin’And I got a mind too, wouldn’t bless youIf your first name was Ha-Choo, on Sunday singin’ gospel[Mos Def:]You ain’t a dime just a nickel actin’ hostile[Beyonce:]Headed for the big top and bouncin’ on this side show
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