Idha Obane (Come and see) – Shane Palko X Maro (2017)

‘‘Here is “Idha Obone” (Come and see). The song is by Shane palko a folk artiste from pennsylvania USA and Maro of uganda. “Idha Obone” means, “Come and see” in Lusoga, which is the primary language spoken in the Busoga Kingdom, along the Nile river in Eastern Uganda. Tigateege Herbert, a Busoga Kingdom Official and promoter of arts in East Africa led a motion to commission a song to celebrate the beauty of the Busoga Kingdom. Shane and the one and only Maro of Uganda wrote this original song, adding elements of their own homes”. -Shane Palko- They recorded audio with Zuli Tums at Volume Up Records and the visuals are by PAPASHOTIT

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