Lady Mariam Tindatine – Video Playlist

Lady Mariam also known as Kemigisha is a woman from Mbarara. My heritage has a combination of Ankole and Rwandan roots. People decided to call me by the name of my song and I am okay with it.
Her first job was hairdressing where she dressed two people and was supposed to give the boss Shs20,000 and remain with Shs10,000.
“Going on stage and they insult me for my tribe. Remember that we singers, our work is psychological. So if someone insults you, the mood, and love for the performance at that point is spoilt,” she seems to explain why she switched to Luganda songs on reaching in Kampala.
Her best memory was her first trip to perform in London. The performance was wonderful, and the audience was cheerful.
Her first time on stage was in Senior Four when she was 17.
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Lady Mariam – Kigambe (2014)

Lady Mariam – Tugyigeite (2015)

Lady Mariam – Yampamba (2015)

Lady Mariam – Kalyonso (2013)

Lady Mariam – Menu Yange (2013)

Lady Mariam – Sirikusula (2013)