Butcher Man – Video Playlist

Buchaman was born 37 years ago in Mukono district.

he chose to call himself Buchaman as his stage name because “….in my family, most people are butchers. My father is a butcher and so are most of my uncles”.

Before things got out of hand eight years ago, Buchaman and Bobi Wine were inseparable—they fought their musical battles against their enemies mainly Bebe Cool together.

In fact, Bobi Wine, Buchaman, Bebe Cool and others like Master Parrot and Tool Man were the pioneers of Fire Base Crew in the early 2000s. Later, Bebe Cool called it quits, leaving the group in the hands of Bobi Wine as the President and Buchaman as his vice.

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Vva Ku Sada – Nabbi Omukazi & Buchaman (2014)

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HONEY – Mada Anitah ft BuchaMan (2020)

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Bambala E’byambalemu – Buchaman (2008)

Dancehall video by Ugandan Dancehall Artiste, Buchaman. His greatest video. (Visited 40 times, 1 visits today)

Binkabya – Buchaman. (2013)

Emotionally this was sung after Buchaman’s quitting of fire base crew due to exploitation and under payment by Bobbi wine. And special dedication to Buchaman’s sympathizers. (Visited 35 times, 1 visits today)

Buchaman – Bobi Kyagula Ssada Diss (2011)

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Thank you Buchaman ft Hozana (2019)

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Disun Future – TONJOOGA ft Buchaman & Darlingtonia (2018)

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Ghetto president – BUCHAMAN (2020)

2020 as a creative force in the Industry Buchaman The Ghetto President presents us with an awareness dancehall message anticipating for unity peace and love to every Ghetto youth out there struggling with their Hustles. (Visited 6 times, 1 visits today)

Buchaman – Tukumatira (2019)

The official Music Video of Tukumatila by Buchaman, (Visited 8 times, 1 visits today)

Buchaman – Mwagala ki (2019)

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Buchaman – Lwaki Temu Matila (2019)

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