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Yasin Mukasa, better known as Lil Pazo was born to the late Sulaiman Ssezobwe Swabirina Nakakawa in Kalisizo Jongoza Village, Kyotera District before it was curbed out of Masaka District.

He attended Kayayumbe Primary School and Kabingo Primary School where he completed his Primary Leaving Examination (PLE).

Lil Pazo then joined St Ssebasitiyan Bethlehem Secondary School; however, he dropped out of school in senior three because his parents could no longer raise his school fees.

When he arrived in Kampala, his elder brother Muzamir Kakeeto advised him to learn cookery skills from where he learnt how to cook chapattis, Rolex and Ekikomando.

From there, Lil Pazo got employed by James Kawuyi who had a chapatti stale in Mutungo Biina, a Kampala suburb. He used to earn 500shs daily as his salary and chapattis were his daily meal.

Nevertheless, in his line of business, Lil Pazo was conned by his regular customer who had even turned into a friend. One Saturday afternoon, this friend of his convinced him that he had gotten him another chapatti making job at Sheraton Hotel, but first, he was required to pay a fee of 150,000shs to secure the job.

Lil Pazo agreed, he went back home and collected his savings and gave it to the man to secure him a better job at least. “After giving him my money he convinced me to wait for some days to take me to the hotel. Until now, it’s difficult to trace his whereabouts. That man conned me.”

After some time in the chapatti business, Lil Pazo joined the boda boda riding business conducting business in Kibe Zone Bwaise.

In this business, he was incarcerated for two weeks by his boss at Kawempe Police Station.

Lil Pazo was accused of reckless riding and negligence after he lost his boss’s motorcycle to thieves at Kazo stage; he had gone for a four-day Karaoke event in Bukuya.

As a boda boda rider, Lil Pazo’s daily customers at Bwaise were musicians that include; Ziza Bafana, Fantom and others at D-Records Studios.

Then after a while, he got access to producer Renix and Producer Wani, who guided him into the music industry because of the passion for music he exhibited.

He began believing in himself and spent most of his time at D-Records Studios until he made it. Lil Pazo believes local musicians like Bebe Cool, Juliana Kanyomozi, Madox Ssematimba, Jose Chameleone, producer Washington, Renix, Ronnie, Zion K offered him a hand in his music career to reach greater heights.

Lil Pazo released his first single ’Yegwe’ in 2010; he composed the song himself, recorded by Producer Renix at no cost. According to Lil Pazo, Renix also helped him to feature in various music shows including Bebe Cool’s Gagamel Crew.

Then in 2011, Lil Pazo released his breakthrough single ‘Munaffe Otulabyeeko Nnyo’ legally composed by the late Herman Basudde and pre-recorded by Producer Ronnie.

Lil Pazo went through hardships and painful situations in life before he found refuge in music. He was once a street child.

Lil Pazo ended up a street child after his elder brother chased him from home in Luzira Kirombe town where he lived with his brother Muzamir Kakeeto. He was dismissed from home because he had spent a night outside home attending a music show.

He says it was Radio Simba fans annual event held at Nakivubo Stadium. Lil Pazo did not even enter the stadium, because he had no money to buy the ticket, he just stood up on a building at Owino Market and watched the event’s proceedings.

He says as a street child he faced a lot of hardships.

He left his parent’s home in 2007 to Kampala to find a living at the age of 19 after realizing that his parents could no longer raise his school fees.

Yasin Mukasa, better known as Lil Pazo is much known for his song ‘Genda Ogule Emotoka’ and he’s the CEO of Lunabe Music Entertainment/Tritone Entertainment CEO. His songs inspire youths a lot.

However, before, joining the music industry, Lil Pazo’s life was a nightmare. The time his parents failed to raise his school fees, Lil Pazo dropped out of school in senior three while at St Ssebasitiyan Bethlehem Secondary School.

Lunabe Music Crew is currently working together with Karma Records to push Ugandan music to greater heights. Lil Pazo drove inspiration from artists like Ziza Bafana and the late Herman Basudde.

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