Fighting Temptation – Beyoncé Ft. MC Lyte, Missy Elliott, Free (2003)


Released: 2003


Fighting Temptation
Yo Beyonce, Free, Mc Lyte why’all readyLet it put it down for da clubs
Ladies! (yeah) We got dat beat dat make you jumpTo my fellas! (whoo)! I’ll got them cars them ladies loveParty People! (yeah) We gonna party all nightAnd let yo soul, work! (ooo!) And let yo soul keep on workin’ out
I’m the type of chick who be fightin’ temptationMake you wait before we have a relationPlayboy holla at me lata’Don’t you know I’m managed by violator (yeah!)(they shootin’) I’m exterminatorI look good so hate me haterMe and my girls drinkin’, where’s the waiterCheatin’ guys I already played yaLadies don’t saphacate usIf you touch us we gonna altercationWarn Missy you’s impersonatorI got so much ice I even scare Jacob
Beyonce, Mc Lyte, and FreeMissy Put it down on da beat
Party people it’s good sensationWe gonna show you how to fight temptation
I’m just fighting temptation (yeah)Gotta get more control (control, yeah)Yet it’s very tempting when you ask to take me home (home)You know you want my love (love)I don’t think the time is right (no)Call when I’m ready, but it won’t be tonight
We in da club Free gully no doubtSee this real deal playa starin’ dead in my mouthHe got his crew, but I got mine toSend a note to my table like (what you gonna do)Eye game got him spreadin’ me outIn my ear dry tears how he left his spouseAnd oh, the nice cars and impressive house
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