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Zanie Brown is a female artist from Uganda. She was born on March 8. She is one of the most talented and promising vocalists is Uganda. She has won Awards like Best Female Rising Star Award in the Rising Star Awards.
Reports say that the singer is to feature in a Ghanaian movie. Sources say that the Ghanaian film makers were looking for some talented Ugandans to merge with their actors from their own country. They wanted the movie to feature both a Ugandan and Ghanaian story line and singer Zanie Brown managed to scoop the deal.

Zanie Brown Songs

Her song “Muyaye” is an inspirational song which was recorded and produced at JEEB records by producer Crouch. During the release of the song, she had this to say, “I am excited about the song because of the energy and passion with which it was made. I know it is something my fans across Africa will be proud of.”

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