Nkujjukira – Sheebah (2023)

Singer Sheebah has released a new single titled Nkujjukira. this song was released in 2023.

Amabanja Remix – Vampino & Sheebah (2011)

Amabanja Remix is a Dance hall song by Vampino & Sheebah, Video by By Baboon Forest Pictures, Director Breezy Beats

Ayi – Mudra D Viral X Sheebah (2022)

Ayi is a dance hall song by Mudra D Viral X Sheebah, Audio by Artin Pro, Video by Grate Make Films

Muwomya – Sheebah & King Saha (2022)

Muwomya is an Afro beat song by Sheebah & King Saha, audio by Nessim Pan Production, Video by Future Trend Prints, Directed Edrine Paul, Released 2022.

Kansalewo – Sheebah

Song produced by X- on the beat and video directed by Grate Make.

Mukama Yamba – Sheebah (2022)

Mukama Yamba is an Afro gospel song by Sheebah, Audio by Andre On Da Beat, Video by Sasha Vybz Production, released 2022.

Bwenjoya – Ameria Nambala ft. Sheebah (2021)

Bwenjoya is an Afro beat song by Ameria Nambala ft. Sheebah, Audio by Baba Ku Mapesa, Video by Future Trend Print, Director Edrine Paul, Released 2021.

Yolo – Sheebah (2021)

Yolo is an Afro beat song by Sheebah, Audio by Ronnie On Dis/Gagamel Records, Video by Aaronaire Pictures, Director Aaronaire on set, Released 2021.