Mzee – Ronald Mayinja (2020)

In support of Uganda’s President, Ronald Mayinja released Mzee as his campaign song.

Sula Ekiti – Ronald Mayinja (2007)

Why hit your very own, family will always be family, if your brother needs something, please provide. Indirectly you realize Mayinja was passing on information to President Yoweri Museveni to consider Besigye A brother. All this in this song.

Leticia – Ronald Mayinja (2012)

Leticia is a love song from The Late Elly Wamala, it was redone by Ronald Mayinja in line with celebrating 10Years of the Singer… Enjoy

Gunjula Omwana – Ronald Mayinja (2008)

Prepare your child Not Preparing for your child. The Two are different… In the end, those prepared will buy the assets of those whose parents prepared for…. All in this song

Eri Mukama – Ronald Mayinja (2014)

Not all that are well are as a result of witchcraft… All i have has been from my Sweat And god. Eri Mukama By Ronald Mayinja

Aba Wuwo – Ronald Mayinja (2022)

Aba wuwo is a song about men who mistreat their wives and regret after being taken away from them by other men.

Olina Kola – Ronald Mayinja (2010)

Olina kola is another motivational song asking people to work to get all they want…So inspiring…Watch