So Amazing – Beyoncé and Stevie Wonder (2005)


Released: 2005


Anyone who’s had the pleasureOf meeting you in this lifetimeWould recognize the strength in youThe sense in youAnd the wisdom like sun shining throughPops, we love you, love youYes, we doPops,Pops, we love you, love youYes, yes, we doOh anyone, young and old alikeWould feel free to ask your adviceAnd you’d know, you’d understandAnd you’d give a helping handAll your life you foughtFor what’s right, what’s rightPops, Pops, we love you, love youYes, we doPops, we love you, love youYes, we doYou always sayFirst love the LordAnd then it’s easy to loveThy neighborSing it, SmokeyAnd from what we’ve heardYou’ve always been a man of your wordPops, we love you, love youYes, we doLike the roots of the strongest treeYou give strength to your friends and familyAnd anyone who’s had the luck to meet youWhen they’re down you can pick them right upPops, we love you, love youYes, we doPops, we love you, love youEverybody loves ya’Yes, we do, getting olderAnd you’re still going strongI know, I knowYou know what PopsWhen I heard this songI immediately thought about youWe love you PopsThis song says everything we everWanted to say to you and even moreI want you to believe itI want you to know itEspecially in times when maybeWe forgot to show it to youPops we love you, we really doYou’re so good, you’re so kindYou’re so real, you’re so finePops, we love you, love youWhat a wonderful man it isYes, we doPops, we love you, love youYes, we doAll the little children love youYou’ve been wonderfulPops, we love youPops, your name should have been loveThat’s what you stand for in, our lives
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