Satellites – Beyoncé (2008)


Artist: Beyoncé
Released: 2008
Genres: R&B/Soul, Pop, UK R&B


Satellites, flashing byIt’s a beautiful state were inBut how can we love in isolationThink how happy we can beIf we just tryWe’re nothing like we seemPassionate words are never spokenYou don’t know how I bleed
When I leave your sideIn your eyesLove’s aliveYou’ve come untied‘Cause we’re flashing byLike satellitesSatellites
Take all the rules awayHow can we live if we don’t change?We’re always on display
Let’s run and hideIn our eyesLove’s aliveWe’ve come untied‘Cause we’re flashing byLike satellitesSatellites
SatellitesIf we don’t communicateWe’ll exist in our own spaceWe have all the love we needWhile we’re apart I cannot breatheSatellites, flashing bySatellites
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