Kent And Flosso Video Playlist


Kent Koojo Mugenyi and Michael Flosso are a Ugandan recording musical duo signed to voltage music The duo’s musical career dates back to 2008, when they were still in their O’level schooling days and they had their first musical project, a single titled Blanket, with Ugandan gospel artiste, Levixone in 2018. Over the years, they have had several other musical hits including Byafayo, Pull up, Squeeze, Vitamin and many others. They have a strong and committed fanbase, both on and offline, with their currently social media standing being at 129,618 across their social media platforms.

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Hey Mama – Vampino (2020)

Hey Mama is a dance hall song by Vampino, produced by Baddest Kamba, directed by Allan Soja, released 2020.

Azina – Kent and Flosso (2023)

Azina is a dance hall club banger song by Kent and Flosso, audio by Chemical Beats, video by Grate Make Films, directed by Pest, released 2023.

KATONO – Kent & Flosso Ft. Rickman (2022)

KATONO is a dance hall song by Kent & Flosso Ft. Rickman, produced by Vad Beats, directed by Allan Soja, released 2022.

Rosalina – Kent & Flosso (2022)

Rosalina is an Afro beat love song by Kent & Flosso, produced by DK, directed by Zyga Phix, released 2022.


EBIWOOMA is an Afro beat love song by KENT AND FLOSSO FT Olisha m, produced by Vad Beats, video by Leed Media, directed by Edwin Spencer, released 2021.

Ebyabaawo -Heyz bullet x Kent and Flosso (2020)

Ebyabaawo is an Afro Pop love song by Heyz bullet x Kent and Flosso, audio by Rinex Pro/ Bomba , video by Allan Sojja, released 2020.

Go Down – Kent & Flosso Ft. Fik Famaica, Vyper Ranking & Coco Finger (2020)

Go Down is a dancehall song done by Kent & Flosso Ft Fik Famaika, Vyper Ranking and Coco Finger produced by Dr Rinex of Power Records, video by Visan, released 2020.

Telemundo – Kent And Flosso Ft. Chosen Becky (2019)

Telemundo is a love song done by Kent and Flosso featuring Chosen Becky produced by Dr Rinex, Released 2019.

Jigi Jigi – Kent And Flosso (2019)

This is for the party people, Jigi Jigi is typically an African vibe mixed with a slight beat of urban touch sang bY Kent Koojo and Michael Flosso produced by Skill On The Beat

Ekyama – Kent & Flosso Ft. Brian Avie (2019)

Ekyama is an Afro beat song by Kent & Flosso Ft. Brian Avie, audio by Renex Pro, video directed by Digo, released 2019.

Cheza Mama – Kent Abd Flosso Ft. All deejays (2017)

Cheza Mama is an Afro beat song Kent Abd Flosso Ft. All deejays, audio Vad Pro, video by SavyFilmz, director Sasha Vybz, released 2017.

PULL UP – Kent And Flosso (2017)

PULL UP is a dancehall song by Kent And Flosso, audio by Vad Pro, Sasha Vybz production, released 2017.