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Walukagga Shafik (born 10 January 1996), is a Ugandan rapper better known by his stage name Fik Fameica a.k.a. Fresh Bwoy. His debut came in 2015 with “Pistol” under the Black Man Town music label, led by a Ugandan music icon Geosteady. His later songs, “Salawo” and “Mbega Wa Bbaala” gained him a recording contract with Kama Ivien Management. His club hit “Batuwulira” followed by “Byenyenya” followed.

The song made him the most booked Ugandan artist in 2017. Fresh Bwoy won awards in Uganda and East Africa and went on to win Uganda’s most artist 2017. In 2018, he was crowned Breakthrough Artist, Best in Hip-Hop and Best Rap Song for his track “Kutama” at the annual HiPipo Awards.

He continued with club hits, including “Mafia”, “Property”, “Sconto” and “Tonsukuma”. In 2019, he paired up with Nigerian superstar Patoranking for hit song ‘Omu Bwati’.  He started a recording label called Fresh Gang Records with his international manager known as Skizzie, Wembley Mo, Mozelo Kidz, Sam Kikumba, Promoter Brian & DJ Ranks Showmaster.

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Go Down – Kent & Flosso Ft. Fik Famaica, Vyper Ranking & Coco Finger (2020)

Go Down is a dancehall song done by Kent & Flosso Ft Fik Famaika, Vyper Ranking and Coco Finger produced by Dr Rinex of Power Records, video by Visan, released 2020. (Visited 21 times, 1 visits today)

Fik Fameica X Geosteady Ft Izulu (2022)

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Alyn Sano – SAY LESS (Feat. Fik Fameica & Sat-B ) (2022)

No Bad Energy Do you feel the love I have for you baby love Tell me where are you Tell me where are you Ni wowe mfitiye agafemba boy you know Tell me where are you Tell me where are you Ibyo umbwira byose simba mbyumva neza Umbabariye ukaza wenda nabyumva Ntibyatuma ntuza ntuza, Umutima […]

Fik Fameica – Mpakasa (2022)

Off his recently released album, Fik Fameica says Mpakasa is for hustlers who are still grinding to make ends meet. In Mpakasa he talks about hustling and ignoring negative narratives and focusing on the grind. At the end of the song, Fik Fameica leaves an encouraging message that says “whatever you do, keep gridding and […]

Sitani Tonkema – Kabako ft Sheebah & Fik Fameica (2017)

Sitani Tonkema is an Afro dance hall song by Kabako ft Sheebah & Fik Fameica, audio by Eno Beat, Video by Jahlive Films, released 2017. (Visited 55 times, 1 visits today)

Karole Kasita – You (feat. Arrow Bwoy and Fik Fameica) (2022)

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Kanzunzu – Fik Fameica (2022)

Kanzunzu is an Afro dance hall Rap love song by Fik Fameica, audio by Artin Pro, Video by Cinema Killer, director KD On Lens, released 2022. (Visited 50 times, 1 visits today)

Champino – Harmonize Ft. Fik Fameica (2022)

Champino is Mapiano song by Harmonize Ft. Fik Fameica, video by Sasha Vybz Production,released 2022. (Visited 28 times, 1 visits today)

This and That (Remix)- Fik Fameica X Lucky Jo (2021)

This and That (Remix) is an RnB Hip-hop song by  Fik Fameica X Lucky Jo, audio by Nessim Pro, video by Sasha Vybz Production, released 2020. (Visited 21 times, 1 visits today)

Lock – Fik Fameica (2020)

Lock is an Afro Rap song by Fik Fameica, audio by Bomba Pro, Sasha Vybz, released 2020. (Visited 24 times, 1 visits today)

LovLov – Fik Fameica (2020)

LovLov is an Afro beat Rap song by Fik Fameica, audio by Artin Pro/Axon Nation, video by Grate Make Film, diretor Pest, released 2020. (Visited 34 times, 1 visits today)

Buligita – Fik Fameica (2020)

Buligita is an Afro Rap song by Fik Fameica, audio by Bomba Pro, Video by Sasha Vybz, released 2020. (Visited 39 times, 1 visits today)