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Nabattu Naira Ali was born  to Mr. Ssesanga Ali and Mrs. Ssesanga Hawa. They say charity is commenced at home, Naira Ali’s family musical background can clearly show where her talent was born, her father was a music DJ with a night club in masindi district “Chicago boys” back in the days. And her mother, a choir leader in her church and school too.
Being among the last born in the family, this gave her a natural license to be spoon fed and babysat, which presented too much television before her, I would say Naira Ali was inspired by television. At a tender age, Naira Ali listened to sounds of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. From whom she learnt a lot of skills unaware.
In any general school, kindergartners are miners, but Naira Ali was more than just a miner. With school regulations well defined, that “no kindergartner would join the school choir,” she became the first kindergartner to join the school choir for her exquisite music and drama talent. She wrote a song “twatulanga” for the school choir, with the help of her teacher, Alice.
At five years she broke the record and never stopped singing.
With a big brother pursuing a career in music she was exposed more to music as he normally wrote songs and used her for making demos that he sold to other artists.
In 2001, at fourteen, she wrote and recorded her first song featuring Dove MC with producer Didi in true vine studios which only got air play for a limited time on Monitor Fm, and Sanyu Fm.
Like any other teenager, she indulged in day dreams and split interests which affected her music journey for some time, she would wish to be a model today, the next day, an actress, a painter, a fashion designer a writer to mention but a few, and because she tried at most of these activities, she remained undecided on what to really do for a very long time.Naira Ali was one of the members in the “Da bliss club” An entertainment club in East high school for a period of four years {2001-2004} and performed acted and wrote for the club.
She stood for entertainment prefect in 2005, Kibibi secondary school as the only girl among five boys and won, becoming the very first entertainment female prefect the school has ever known.
At the same school, she won, best actress of the year 2006 from the school’s music, dance and drama festivals.
In 2006 during her senior six vacations, she got a manager who had discovered her excellent talent through her brother’s demos. She was taken into vocal training and other professional singing classes, and later on started recording. She recorded three songs then, which her manage later realized were unprofessional so they re produced them in 2009.
She participated in the tusker project fame auditions 2009 and came out among the top ten Ugandan finalists.
She was recognized and also got a Diva music awards certificate for best central and southern up coming artist in 2009.
She signed her first music contract with purplechord
Naira Ali confesses that her music has no name on it, her music genres range from R&B, jazzy band, afro fusion, pop, rock, Techno, world music to mention but a few.
She has a strong distinct vocal voice.
After gratuating with abachelor degree in industrial fine art she has embarked on music fully recording her first Album entitled Sounds of Naira Ali with song like : Tulo, muntu wange,Okikola Otya,Shygal ft.Ziza Bafana,Sinze,Masala,Dancing tonite,Sweetest thing,Mwerere,Binyuma to mention but afew
In may 2015 she held her first sold out concert dubbed “Sounds of Naira Ali” ahigh end corporate black tie dinner show.
After  years of consistency and top songs in the industry  she unveiled her Second album dubbed “Iam Naira Ali” to the media fraternity and afew funs at Fame Lounge December 2018.
this Album has songs like;Sikyalinda,Dalu ft Da Agent,Mwoyo,So High,Ompanise,Kalango,Nakupenda,Fever to mention but afew.
She has collaborated with different artist both at home and beyond boarders.
 She has had two successful country tours in 2017 and 2018 respectively.Perfoming in 15 top district’s in Uganda.
In 2019 she had a successful   “Iam Naira Ali” US tour performing in seven different States I.e Chicago,California, Boston,Michigan, Colorado etc
In 2020 she started  working on her third eclectic  Studio Album titled “Naira Ali” which  meant to define and brand her sound and personality. this Album has songs like;Kiriye,Voodoo,Your Body,Naira Ali,Ebizibu to mention but afew.
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