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Lyto Boss original names Katongole Derrick was born in the early 90s 5th May by Mr. & Mrs. Kakooza Amos in Bwaise Kawempe a suburb of Kampala District. He went to Outspan Nursery & Primary school Bwaise where he learnt several instruments which includes a guitar, trumpet, Saxophone, Piano among others.

He attended Mamtaz Secondary School & DK educational Hill School for his O level and attended Bright future Secondary School for his A level and attended Makerere University Kampala. Lyto Boss started his music in 2009 as an instrumentalist in Diamonds Production where he was named Lyto Boss by the band owner and known actor Hon. Kato Lubwaama.

As a good instrumentalist Lyto Boss became a very good songwriter and wrote songs for several prominent figures in the country like, Rema Namakula, Maureen Nantume, Desire Luzinda, Catherine Kusasira among others. Lyto Boss later hit the studio and launched his singing career in 2011 with a love Rnb vibe titled Mukyaalo, which introduced him to the main stream Music industry and made him a household name.

Lyto Boss never stopped, he went on releasing hit songs like; Lwobuze, Nyonta, Born in Africa, Kanzunzu, Kitengejja, Omwetaaga, Anjagala, Katula, among others. Lyto Boss Has collaborated with many artists i.e. Bobi Wine, Moses Radio (RIP), Solome Mirembe, Chosen Becky among others.

In 2014, Lyto Boss Stage his first Concert and was a success in all 5 shows at PTC, Royal Hotel Kasubi, Comfort Cottages Kasangati, Dance Flo & Eden Service Park respectively. In 2016 Lyto Boss Staged a bigger concert titled Katula Anjagala at Club Obligato, Big Zone Nansana & Darenaz Kawanda Respectively and were all a success.

In 2017 Lyto Boss Staged another Big and better Concert titled True Love at Theatre Labonita, Lido Beach respectively which left all revelers yearning for more. Lyto Boss is the true definition of a Vocalist, an entertainer and a great narrator of love musically.

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