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Justine Nabbosa is a renowned gospel artiste, lead worshiper and co.pastor with Wilson Bugembe at the Worship House.

The vocal dynamo is also president of Next Girl Champion, an annual conference that empowers girls and women in Uganda. Many in the gospel music circles first knew her as a back-up voice in Wilson Bugembe’s music.

Although it remains the podium that brought her to the limelight, her first album featuring ‘Oli Katonda’ has since its release in 2016, broken barriers and performed beyond her expectations. “I am grateful to God for the far he has brought me with that song,” Nabbosa says, “I realized that it was time for me to shine and no one could stop me”.

Justine Nabbosa
Justine Nabbosa

Featuring in Bugembe’s music made her voice popular and the audience started demanding for solo music but Nabbosa was not about to take on a solo career. Three years ago, she emerged out of the comfort zone and started singing compositions by different people starting her solo music journey.

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