I Got That – Amil Ft. Beyoncé (2000)


Artists: BeyoncéAmil
Released: 2000


Uh, uh-huhAmil-lion, yeah Roc-a-fella(Oh, oh yeah)What? Huh, uh-huh(Oh)Yea-yeah, yeah, I got thatUh-huh, yo, yo
I make cats pay like lay-wayOwn like they stoleDeal with late pay and I got that from HawkPlus I got my own breadYou ain’t gotta wave them over my headI got that(I got that)And you can’t leave me strandedCause I got a ride backAnd besides thatWhat chick you know cock glocks back?Eight in the back, they rockin’ hot jacksIn high heels, mini skirts and thighs fatMy styles like the internationalPancake house or whatever avenueI got that, uh I got that
[Chorus – Beyonce]Think I need you cause the rent is dueYou can be outta here babyCause I got itI got it, I got itCause cash, coupes, credit cardsAll the exotic things babyI got itI got it, I got it
[Amil]Ever since cats found out I ran with the RocThey want to take a closer look, want to examine the boxMagazine want cameras to popThey catch me in the nude like a Samantha FoxListen dude but I got dollars and centsYou don’t gotta promise me to pay my rentI got that(I got that)Catch me a drop black playing Speedy GonzalezToes never unpolishedThe way I be dressing dudes want to toss the saladThe way I be dressing got broads acting childishBut I pay my own billsAmil-lion always has and always willy’all got that?
[Beyonce]I got thatThe house that you live inI got thatThe bed that you sleep inI got thatThe Benz that you’re drivingI got that, I got thatI got thatThe ice that you’re wearingI got thatSo why you complainingI got thatWho you gaming?I got that, I got thatI got that
[Amil]Yo my life’s still onGas bill caught upIndian Amil, call me chief running waterCable still in orderPhone still dials outMoney still long but my patience got shorterYou can leave baby give me everything I bought youLike you leaving me was some type of tortureI don’t need no man toDo for Amil what Amil can doYou got that?
[Chorus x2]
[Amil]That’s right babyAmil-lion, uhI got this what?
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