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Henry Tigan, born Henry Tony Kirumaganyi, is a Ugandan reggae and afro beats artist.


Tigan has collaborated with Marlon Usher. Bobi Wine and Mighty Mistic. He has had hit songs like “Emiranga”, “Muzudde”, “Abogezi”, “Lwaki Oninza”, “Waddawa”, “Nsiimye Gwe”, “Empisazo” and “Aneganye”.

Tigan is different from most of the musicians in the country and this can be told in the kind of instrument he chose to play which is a xylophone and he was once signed under Suudi Entertainment and through this management, he managed to scoop a couple of international collaborations including Maron Asher and many more Jamaican artists.

He later quit the management in 2010 and joined the Kamokya based Firebase crew where he spent a couple of years and decided to start a solo career.

Although he does various music genres, music critics say that Tigan should stick to reggae music genre because his vocal ranges blend comfortably well with the style.

Henry picked his name Tigan from his last name Tony and he started using it as his stage name.



  • Abogezi
  • My country
  • Waddawa
  • Emilanga
  • Aneganye

Awards and recognition

  • Best new artist Pearl of Africa Music Awards, 2008
  • nominated for Best reggae artist or group Pearl of Africa Music Awards, 2007
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