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TCHA – Tay Grin (2023)

Watch and listen to TCHA  video song by  Tay Grin, this song was released in 2023.

Nothing – Elijah Kitaka (2023)

Nothing – Elijah Kitaka Lyrics: Love flow mu Musayi Oli just full of vibes Sunshine Arise Anything for you sacrifice Katika Maisha Yangu Unanichoma Kama Fire My feelings Multiple Stick on me like a Tattoo Whisper munda mu kutu Cultivate penetrate Digida munda munze kona we tutu Situla omukwano heavy Leta munyenye no mwezi heaven […]

‘One Side’ – Iyanya, Mayorkun & Tekno (2023)

Intro Paranpanpanpanpanpan, eh eh eh It’s Iyanya Ahn ahn ahn ahn ahn Gege Ahn ahn ahn ahn ahn Alhaji Tekno Shuga! Chorus You corner man one side You make me give lamba Me no fit look and pass She gimme eye contact Oh baby jekomo Oh baby jo gimme this your love Me I go […]

Akatuli – Mun G (2018)

Akatuli is a Hip-hop / Luga flow song by Mun G, Directed and filmed by Jahlive Films, Released 2018.

Speaking In Tongues – Mun G (2009)

Speaking In Tongues is a Hip-hop song by Mun G, Audio by Hannz records, video by was shot by Jovan, Released 2009.

Ebintu – Mun G (2011)

Ebintu is a Hip-hop / Lug Flow by Mun G, Audio by Hannz Pro / Swangz Avenue, Video by Jahlive Films / Side B, Director 1488, Released 2011.

Biki Biki – Mun G (2012)

Biki Biki is a Hip-hop / Luga Flow song by Mun G, Audio by Buzz Audios, Video by Reel 16, Director Jovan, Released 2012.

Gira Tugire (Kyaba Too Much) – Mun G (2011)

Gira Tugire (Kyaba Too Much) is a Hip-hop song by Mun G, Audio by Hannz Pro, Video by 1488 Films / Superstar, Released 2011.

Mbwase – Mun G (2012)

Mbwase is a Hip-hop song by Mun G, Audio by Buddies / Any Muzik, Video by Grate Make Films, Director Pest, Released 2012.

Kijja Kugwa – Mun G (2013)

Kijja Kugwa is a Hip-hop /Lugaflow song by Mun G, Audio by Hannz Pro, Video by Dragonfly Media , Released 2013.

Batutunze – Ziza Bafana (2017)

This was shot from an undisclosed Magic Town Music safe house to depict the fear the masses are exposed to. Ziza Bafana reaches out to our leaders and pleads to them to stop what he refers to as the ongoing sell out of their own people and electorate “Batutunze”.